sydney granny flat

Granny flats under $70,000. Is that possible? Yes, using a kit.

So interest rates are low, you should be saying that owning your own home is easy and affordable to obtain. Incorrect!

Sydney’s housing market is one of the most expensive in the world making it hard to find affordable housing options for young families and elderly retirees. With house pricing on the rise and rent only going upwards, many average income earners are feeling the stress and lack of options left when it comes to finding affordable housing.

Welcome to Best Granny Flats Sydney.

Many people contact our Sydney based granny flat company asking why our secondary dwellings are so inexpensive and often ask what the catch is?

The catch is you are in control of the project. We help design, prepare plans, assist in granny flat complying development approval (CDC) and then we manufacture the structure of your new granny flat, in Australia of course. The savings may have already started in the kit, but the true savings come from you contracting the work out to complete the kit. You can select your own kitchen, bathroom, tiles, carpet and lighting, the list goes on, saving you substantial money by cutting out the builders profit markup. In most cases this will save you $20,000 plus.

I don’t have time or skill to be an owner builder.

If owner building is not something you want to do, using our kit and engaging the services of our recommended builders (Sydney/Central Coast areas) will still put you ahead for as you are saving on the lock up components supplied by us. The savings is often $10,000 plus over traditional granny flat builders costs.

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