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Have you been considering building a granny flat in Sydney with a property that is an odd shape, has a sewer main or stormwater easement?

We often hear from clients who state that building a granny flat is hard to achieve due to their yard either being an odd shape or their property having easements but that should not stop you from creating a truly functional granny flat designs that can work around your property.

Granny flats in Sydney have made a comeback thanks to the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy Affordable Rental Housing (SEPP) making granny flat approval in Sydney and all of NSW easier than ever. A common hurdle clients present when coming to us regarding building a 60sq m granny flat is that they have a Sydney Water sewer main in the rear of their yard. Building a granny flat over these can add thousands in extra costs but clever design can often avoid this. Take for example the secondary dwelling in this article. The client presented this property to our team with the following issues;

  • Sewer main running through back yard
  • Stormwater easement running down the side of property
  • Powerline transmission easement to rear of yard
  • Flood zone


Despite all of these hurdles, Best Granny Flats came up with a design that avoided the sewer main, stormwater easement and also the powerline transmission easement. It also was required to be built on bearers and joists in the event of a flood. The outcome is that a once unusable large yard has been turned into a modern yet functional granny flat that in today’s Sydney rental market will still give you a return on investment of 16% +. For the property investor, having this granny flat in Sydney now means having a dual rental income which will pay its self-off in around 5-7 years.

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