The Process

  1. Plan Selection - Select from one of our designs or bring your own design.
  2. Quotation - We will supply you with a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE on your kit at our best price.
  3. Deposit - Upon acceptance of your quote, a deposit* is required for Best Granny Flats to prepare your plans.
  4. Place Order - Once your plans are approved by council and you order your kit, it will be delivered in approximately 5-6 weeks.

Granny Flat Approvals

Best Granny flats offer a Complying Development Approval (CDC) package In Sydney, Wollongong and the Central Coast. This covers compliance checks, surveys, full architectural plans, approvals and private certification for your secondary dwelling. Contact our office for more information . Below is a guide to setbacks under CDC (D.A approval setbacks differ and are based on individual council rules).

Frontage Requirements

Block Size

Frontage Required

Setbacks when building

Front, side & rear

Block Size


Floor area, site coverage and landscaped area

Block Size

Site CoverageTotal Floor Area (Incl existing house)Landscape Area
900+30%430sqm35% (900-1500)


Delivery, Installation and Permits

Can I modify the standard plans or provide my own design?

Yes. All standard plans can be modified to suit your needs. You can change the number of rooms, increase or decrease the size of the granny flat or if you prefer, you can bring your own plans for quotation.

Where do you deliver to?

Delivery areas include NSW, VIC and QLD.

What permits do I need to obtain to be an owner builder?

The process to obtain an owner builders permit is usually very straight forward. There are a few requirements and depending on which state you are building in, may also require you to undergo a short course either online or at a training school. In most states a small application fee is payable.

For more on obtaining an owner builder permit visit:

NSW – Fair Trading NSW – Becoming An Owner Builder

VIC – Victorian Building Authority – Owner Builder Application

QLD – Building & construction commission

What is the turn-around time, from ordering the kit to onsite delivery?

Kit delivery is generally between 5-6 weeks from ordering.

How will my kit home be delivered?

The entire kit will be delivered to your site by truck, the fee for delivery will be determined based on your geographical location.

How long does it take to build a kit home?

This depends upon the amount of labour and skill level. As a guide, a non-skilled owner builder can erect frames and roof trusses for an average size home in 2-3  days then the remainder of the build is similar to that of normal build times.

A smaller kit can be built to lock up in roughly 7-8 days. Larger, more complex granny flats will take longer. You should allow 10-12 weeks on site for an average granny flat to be fully constructed.

Design, Costing and Inclusions

What is included in the kit?

The kit includes all materials required for lockup but does not include on-site labour, site survey, site costs, PC items, Concrete, Electrical and plumbing etc.

A full list of inclusions, exclusions and optional extras are detailed on each of our designs.

How much could I expect to save if I decide to build a kit home as an owner builder?

As an owner builder/manager you are effectively cutting out the builder and therefore should make a saving of 20% to 30%. If you choose to be more hands on and undertake some of the manual tasks such as erecting the walls and roof trusses, installing windows, doors and painting the internals, your savings will be increased further.

Are kit homes suitable for areas prone to cyclones?

Yes. Kits can be upgraded to a cyclonic rating at an additional cost. These kits are manufactured with extra reinforcements that will make them suitable for areas prone to cyclones.All standard kits can be upgraded to cyclonic kits.

All standard kits can be manufactured to meet with the cyclonic rating required for your area.

Does the kit home come with warranty?

The steel frame is Backed by a 50 year BlueScope Steel warranty and all other components of the build have their individual manufacturers warranties.

Do you need help with planning permission?

Our team can help